Knowing the predicted temperature, wind speed, wind direction, visibility and water levels is critical to spending safe, quality rowing time on the water. The links below have been tailored from public sources to be specifically relevant to rowing on the ARC stretch of river. Learning to use these links can help you pick the safest and most enjoyable times to row, avoid getting into trouble and save you many wasted trips to the boathouse.


Hooksett Weather Forecasts

7 Day Forecast
This page gives an overall picture of weather conditions for the next week. 

Northeast Radar
This page shows a user-friendly radar composite of the entire Northeast. 

Next 48 Hours (Hour-By-Hour)
Graph Tabular
These two pages (graph or table) give the Hooksett hour-by-hour forecast for the next 48 hours.

Recent Weather – Last 24 Hours
Concord Airport Voice Report (603) 224-6558
Manchester Airport Voice Report (603) 668-8992



The NH Department of Environmental Services monitors air quality at a number of locations throughout the state and publishes the results on the linked page including alerts when hazardous conditions exist. This table can be useful in deciding if extended respiratory exertion is advisable during the time you plan to be on the water.
NHDES Air Quality Map and Ratings